Support and Maintenance

Fast and professional support is essential for whom Vtiger CRM is a business critical. At joobilant, we know what our customers want and what our company does best in Vtiger, we focus on where these two meets.

We are dedicated in protecting your Vtiger CRM investment by our Vtiger monthly support agreement which includes a variety of Services that can keep your best customer relationships intact. We will protect you from Vtiger issues by providing apt customization and maintenance that your business requires.

Our Vtiger CRM backup service will ensure that your data is always protected. We work hard to make sure your customer data is safe and secure. Our mission is to help you improve your sales and revenue and achieve your business goals.

We also offer Vtiger startup packages. In case of any queries, we can be reached at  Email ([email protected]).

Pay full attention to your business growth, we will take care of the following.

  • Bug fixing
    Improving the database
    Module fixing
    Security features.
    Vtiger bug fixing
  • Training & Consulting
    Analysis of business
    Vtiger advice
    Admin User Training
    Sales & Support User Training
  • Vtiger  Setup
    Cron Jobs
    Outgoing Servers
    Data Import
    Adding and removing fields

Necessities ($45)

5% discount

Business essential to

maintain data security

and proper data backups

Primary ($200)

5% discount

Fundamental solution of

support & maintenance

Ace ($400)

15% discount

Helps the business to

grow sales and revenue.

Expansions ($600)

20% discount

Best solution to get

tailor-made extensions

& expanding Vtiger functions.

  1. Vtiger Support Packages are non-refundable even if not exhausted at the period expiration.
  2. Support channels are Skype,email, customer portal.
  3. Our support team is available 24/7
  4. In case of urgent support, please get in touch with us before placing the order.