Vtiger Module Designer

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Vtiger Module Designer


Vtiger Module designer is a Vtiger extension that allows CRM users to create custom modules in a few clicks. All custom modules are created following a strict Vtiger standard and no need to code or use the terminal. Also, the relationship builder allows CRM users to link together existing modules as well as new custom modules. It supports 1:1, 1:M and M:M relationships.






  • Create a Custom Vtiger Module: create a new custom module. Without a single line of code.
  • 1:1 Relationship: creates a one-to-one relationship between 2 modules. So that only one record will be linked to the single record from another module.
  • 1:M Relationship: create a one-to-many relationship. So one record from the primary module is linked to many records from the secondary module.
  • M:M Relationship: create a many-to-many relationship. So many records from one module are linked to other records.


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