Vtiger Manual Workflow Trigger

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Vtiger Manual Workflow Trigger


Vtiger workflow trigger is a vtiger Extension in which users can create predefined workflows and trigger them from the record Summary/Detail View – within a single click. It enables a “Vtiger Macros” button (i.e. to Trigger) and an indication icon when the Vtiger macro has been executed. It is based upon the standard VTiger workflows and supports all the tasks i.e. Custom Entity Creation, Field Updates, Adding Comments, Sending/Scheduling Emails, Creating Activities & much more  



Vtiger Manual Workflow Trigger

  • Users can trigger the workflow within a single click
  • Supports Vtiger workflows
  • It also supports all Standard Workflow Tasks i.e. Field Updates, Record Creation,Emails and so on.
  • Users task are made easy as displays all the macros in the record detail/summary view.
  • Supports both Standard and Custom Vtiger Modules
  • Module manager compatible.


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