Vtiger Global Search

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Vtiger Global Search


Vtiger Global Search is a Vtiger Extension that improves and optimizes the search feature of Vtiger CRM. With this extension, users can execute searches on all the fields. As Vtiger only searches queries i.e. ‘name’ fields. But, our extension replaces standard search completely and also it enables the lookup to be executed using all the standard and custom fields. Also, users can specify which fields to search on and what should be the output/result fields. Vtiger Global Search  supports both Standard and Custom Vtiger modules.




  • Allows users to configure the search fields for more effective searches
  • Configure the columns shown in the search results.
  • Also,Searches multiple Columns per module.
  • Search results viewed on the page.
  • Supports both Standard and Custom Vtiger Modules.
  • Module Manager compatible.


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