Two-factor Authentication

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Two-factor Authentication

$99.00 $79.00

Two-factor authentication is a Vtiger extension which is designed to enhance the security of the Vtiger. with this extension, it enables the admin a two-step authentication as an additional layer of CRM security. In the configuration process, a security code will be sent to the user’s email, which is needed for the user to login. It has an option to lock the users for a couple of times and also set a certain number of attempts a user can log into it. Our extension also allows system administrators to force users to change their passwords monthly and also to secure their password by keeping it strong by mixing it up with numbers, special characters, punctuations, lower and uppercases. Also, it tracks the logins whether it’s successful or a failed one and locks users after several incorrect logins.





  • Provides Enhanced Security for Vtiger Users
  • Allows to setup a two step authentication for all Vtiger users.
  • Locks users after several incorrect logins.
  • Track users login activity.
  • Supports a strict password policy.
  • Supports both Standard and Custom Vtiger Modules.
  • Module manager compatible.
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