Time Control Module

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Time Control Module


Time Control Module  is a Vtiger Extension that helps the employees to record the time they spent on Projects, Opportunities, Tickets, etc. With this extension, user can track every activity of the employees, also different activity on the same task and also can track the total hours spent in a single project task as a sum of different time control associated with the task and the total hours spent in a Vtiger project as a sum of hours related to different tasks.
At the beginning of the task, users can start the timer just by a click and stop it in the end. And when they need a break they can just pause the timer and resume it when they are back, also if the user missed resuming it after the return, No problem as this extension also supports manual time logging for entering the missed time duration.






  • User can track their time within Vtiger
  • The time spent & timer icon is always displayed on the header
  • Allows to Pause, Stop, or Restart the timer
  • Allows users to log time manually
  • Compatible with Organizations, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Tickets, Projects, etc


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