Related List Colors

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Related List Colors


Related list colors is a vtiger extension by Joobilant. It was designed to color the rows on the Related List based on the filter/condition specified. It is very much helpful to quickly recognize the records that need attention by the predefined color codes.  users can configure colors for each module and specify text, background and active colors. It is fully customizable and works perfectly with both the standard and customized Vtiger CRM’s filters and modules. It Creates all the custom filters you need to get the information which you want in a fraction of the time.You can quickly create all possible combinations with workflows like conditions.      

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Related List Colors

  • Define the colors based on filters & conditions.
  • It also defines the Text, Background and active colors.
  • Supports for both Standard and custom Vtiger Modules.
  • The configuration panel  allows the configuration of colors for any field.
  • Module Manager Compatible





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